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محامي شاطر في دبي

We are at AJA Legal Consulting in the UAE in Dubai.

Qualified team of Dubai real estate lawyers and legal advisers with extensive experience in the field of law.

محامي شاطر في دبي

We offer comprehensive legal solutions to our customers in Dubai and across the UAE.

Our services range from real estate consulting and establishing companies in Dubai to issues of bringing cases to developers in Dubai, collecting cheques, opening bank accounts and lots of services you can see here.

We provide legal support to our customers at all stages of the process, from initial consultation to review and implementation until the case is won.

Dubai has become a major business and investment destination in the region, and we are proud to offer the services of establishing local and international companies in Dubai.

We also assist clients in addressing all legal procedures related to the establishment of companies in Dubai.

Including identification of appropriate legal form, preparation of necessary documentation, and registration in relevant government entities.

With our extensive experience working with customers in Dubai, we fully understand the difficulties and challenges customers can face in this vital market. We work to provide high quality and effective legal solutions to our customers, which meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

If you’re looking for a real estate lawyer in Dubai or a legal adviser in Dubai, AJA is the perfect choice for you with a management

Legal Counsel
Professor: Ayham Jamal Al-Maghribi

We look forward to providing the legal support you need to make your business a success. For more information about our services, you can contact us by heading to the Watts icon at the bottom of the 👇🏻 screen.

محامي شاطر في دبي